Spectrum 2 introduces backends. Backends are external application which provides a way how to connect to legacy networks, so it’s possible to use even different libraries than Libpurple to connect the legacy network. However, Libpurple is still the best library to use so far.

This page contains the list of currently supported backends with the basic information about them.

How to change backend

Backends are switched in Spectrum 2 config file using the following option:

Section Option Value
service backend Full path to the backend binary

List of backends

Name Supported networks Default path to backend
Libpurple backend AIM, Jabber, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Skype, Telegram, Facebook /usr/bin/spectrum2_libpurple_backend
LibCommuni backend IRC /usr/bin/spectrum2_libcommuni_backend
Frotz backend Allows playing interactive-fiction games /usr/bin/spectrum2_frotz_backend
SMSTools3 backend SMS using connected mobile phone /usr/bin/spectrum2_smstools3_backend
Swiften backend XMPP /usr/bin/spectrum2_swiften_backend