Libpurple backend is backend based on Librpurple library supporting all the networks supported by libpurple.


You have to choose this backend in Spectrum 2 configuration file to use it:


As showed above, there is also special configuration variable in [service] section called protocol which decides which Libpurple’s protocol will be used:

Protocol variable Description
prpl-jabber Jabber
prpl-aim AIM
prpl-icq ICQ
prpl-msn MSN
prpl-yahoo Yahoo
prpl-gg Gadu Gadu
prpl-novell Groupwise

Third-party plugins

Spectrum 2 should work with any third-party libpurple plugin which is properly installed. For example, popular plugins:

Protocol variable website Description
prpl-facebook Facebook
prpl-telegram Telegram
prpl-skypeweb Skype
prpl-eionrobb-mattermost Mattermost

These plugins are included by default in our Docker image.

Setting libpurple plugins configurations

Some libpurple protocol plugins allow setting configuration variables. Spectrum 2 passes every variable set in purple section to libpurple library. If you need to set such options, you can do it for example like this in your configuration file:


Notes on Facebook support

Notes on Mattermost support

Some purple options are available to this specific backend :

use-ssl = [0|1]
use-alias= [0|1]
use-mmauthtoken = [0|1] // to connect from gitlab service 
show-full-images = [0|1]
show-images = [0|1]