Spectrum 2 frontends and backends

Spectrum 2 supports multiple IM networks. Spectrum 2 distinguishes between Frontend and Backend networks.

If some network is supported as Frontend, it means that Spectrum 2 allows its users to use this network to communicate with other users using the backend network.


If you for example use Slack as a frontend and IRC as a backend, the Spectrum 2 users can add Spectrum 2 to their Slack team, join the IRC network and communicate with their friends on IRC network.

This page contains the list of currently supported frontends with the basic information about them.

How to change frontends

Frontends are switched in Spectrum 2 config file using the following option:

Section Option Value
service frontend Name of the frontend.

List of frontends

Name Supported network
xmpp XMPP (Jabber)
slack Slack