About our Docker image

Our Docker image includes Spectrum 2 and also lot of 3rd-party backends you would have to compile or install yourself when not using Docker image. This includes:

Install Docker

At first you have to install Docker. This is very well described on the official Docker Installation page.

Pull the Spectrum 2 Docker image

To download Spectrum 2 Docker image to your system, just run following command:

$ docker pull cr.spectrum.im/spectrumim/spectrum

You can also update Spectrum 2 using this command later.

Create directory for Spectrum 2 configuration files

Now you have to decide where to store the configuration files for Spectrum 2. We will use /opt/spectrum2/configuration in our example:

$ mkdir -p /opt/spectrum2/configuration

Create configuration file

You can use following default configuration files as a starting place:

Download the configuration file you chose into /opt/spectrum2/configuration directory you have created earlier and edit it as you want. Check the documentation and tutorials for configuration examples.

Note that the configuration files must have .cfg file extension.

Create directory for Spectrum 2 data

You also have to create persistent directory to store various Spectrum 2 data like SQLite3 database and so on:

$ mkdir -p /opt/spectrum2/data

Start Spectrum 2

To start Spectrum 2 on background using Docker, all you have to do is running following Docker command:

$ docker run --name="spectrum2" -d --restart unless-stopped -v /opt/spectrum2/configuration:/etc/spectrum2/transports -v /opt/spectrum2/data:/var/lib/spectrum2 cr.spectrum.im/spectrumim/spectrum

It will start Spectrum 2 and load the configuration files from /opt/spectrum. It also gives the spawned container name spectrum2.


If you are using Docker bridge networking, you should configure your XMPP server to listen on the bridge IP address. Some XMPP servers listen only on by default. Check Prosody documentation for example config.

Checking the Spectrum 2 logs

To check the Spectrum 2 logs, use following Docker command:

$ docker logs spectrum2

Stopping the Spectrum 2

To stop the Spectrum 2 container, use following Docker command:

$ docker stop spectrum2

Upgrading the Spectrum 2 container

To upgrade Spectrum 2 container, you at first have to pull the updated Docker image, stop the current container, remove it and start it again using the new version of Docker image. It is very important to have all the Spectrum 2 data stored in the host system as described earlier in this document. Otherwise you won’t be able to upgrade running container without loosing the data.

$ docker pull cr.spectrum.im/spectrumim/spectrum
$ docker stop spectrum2
$ docker rm spectrum2
$ docker run --name="spectrum2" -d --restart unless-stopped -v /opt/spectrum2/configuration:/etc/spectrum2/transports -v /opt/spectrum2/data:/var/lib/spectrum2 cr.spectrum.im/spectrumim/spectrum