Troubleshooting FAQ

Q: Nothing worked!

A: Make sure you are using latest Spectrum and latest plugins, most likely the issue was already fixed but your version is 1-2 years behind.

Q: Still nothing worked!

A: Check Spectrum logs for error messages. By default it is /var/log/spectrum2/<transport jid>/spectrum2.log for the transport itself and /var/log/spectrum2/<transport jid>/backends/backend-N.log for protocol plugin.

Q: Some protocol plugin not worked!

A: If it is a libpurple protocol plugin - try it with Pidgin or Finch first directly without Spectrum. Compare pidgin -d and /var/log/spectrum2/<transport jid>/backends/backend-N.log - they should be identical.

If you get some info - check known issues and file new issue if needed.

Q: It works with Pidgin (directly) but not working with Spectrum!

A: In this case it would be good to study your client XMPP logs for some unusual cases. Be prepare to show it when submitting an issue!