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  1. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express or higher edition (
  2. Git for Windows (
  3. CMake 2.8 or newer (
  4. Python 2.x for Swiften build scripts (scons) (


  1. Swiften library (
  2. Boost 1.48 or newer (
  3. Google ProtoBuf library (


To create spectrum build environment do:

  1. Create directory where we’ll install all dependencies, e.g. C:\env-msvc-x64. Create C:\env-msvc-x64\bin and add it to %PATH%. Assuming you have git, python and cmake in %PATH%, launch “Visual Studio 2010 command prompt” or “Visual Studio 2010(x64) command prompt”, depends on your target (Windows x86 or Windows x86_64).
  2. unpack and build boost libraries:

    bootstrap.bat b2.exe –without-mpi –without-python b2.exe –without-mpi –without-python install –prefix=C:\env-msvc-x64 release

  3. clone swift repository and build it. Don’t forget to point it to our env directory:

    git clone git:// cd swift echo boost_includedir=”c:/env-msvc-x64/include/boost-1_49” > echo boost_libdir=”c:/env-msvc-x64/lib” » scons.bat debug=no SWIFTEN_INSTALLDIR=C:\env-msvc-x64 force_configure=1 scons.bat debug=no SWIFTEN_INSTALLDIR=C:\env-msvc-x64 C:\env-msvc-x64

  4. unpack and compile protobuf as described in its documentation.

Run extract_includes.bat in vsprojects/ directory and move resulting vsprojects/include/google/ directory to our C:\env-msvc-x64\include

Move protoc.exe to C:\env-msvc-x64\bin\ and libprotobuf.lib to C:\env-msvc-x64\lib

  1. Install gtkmm

Download installer from and install gtkmm into C:\env-msvc-x64\

  1. Install libpurple headers

Download , extract it and copy libpurple directory in C:\env-msvc-x64\include

  1. You’re ready! :) Clone libtransport into C:\env-msvc-x64\libtransport (You must clone it into this directory, because libtransport will try to find the dependencies in ../lib and ../include)

Compile it as:

set CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH=C:\env-msvc-x64\include
cmake . -G "NMake Makefiles" -DBOOST_INCLUDEDIR=../include/boost-1_49 -DBOOST_LIBRARYDIR=../lib -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=C:\env-msvc-x64 -DGIT_EXECUTABLE="c:\Program Files (x86)\git\bin\git.exe"