Web Interface allows admins to control Spectrum 2 instances and users to register the transports and for example manage rooms they are connected to.


The Web Interface is part of Spectrum 2 Manager tool, so it shares the same /etc/spectrum2/spectrum_manager.cfg configuration file. There are following configuration variables available:

Section Key Type Default Description
service admin_username string   Admin username for the Web Interface.
service admin_password string   Admin password for the Web Interface.
service port int 8080 Port on which the Web Interface will be accesible.
service base_location string / Base location (directory) on which the Web interface is served. It must ends up with slash character. If you for example set it to “/spectrum/”, then the Web interface will be served on http://localhost:$port/spectrum/.
service data_dir string /var/lib/spectrum2_manager/html Path to the Web Interface static data.
service cert string   Web interface certificate in PEM format when TLS should be used. Empty otherwise.
logging config string /etc/spectrum2/manager_logging.cfg Path to the logging configuration file in the same format as for the Spectrum 2.
database Database to store the Web Interface data. The variables are the same as in the Spectrum 2 config files.

Starting the Web Interface

For now the only way how to start Web Interface is running it on foreground using:

$ spectrum2_manager server

In the future, we plan to support Spectrum 2 Web Interface as standalone server.