Slack frontend Description

Slack frontend allows users to use Slack as a frontend network for Spectrum 2. This page describes how to setup your own Spectrum 2 instance with Slack frontend.


You have to choose this frontend in Spectrum 2 configuration file to use it:


To obtain the client_id and client_secret values, you have to create new Slack application on Slack website. You also have to setup Spectrum 2 Web Interface to allow Slack users to register the transport and configure it. While creating new Slack application, you also have to setup the Redirect URI. Spectrum 2 Web Interface expects the Redirect URI to be configured as http://domain.tld/oauth2. You can choose whatever domain you are running at, but you have to preserve the /oauth2 location.


Once you setup Spectrum 2 with proper client_id and client_secret, you can register as new user in the Spectrum 2 Web Interface.